Uninstall sql server 2008 R2 cluster instance

Lots time we have done installation of sql server instance as well as removed unwanted instance from server. As a DBA some time we have to uninstall sql server cluster instance, actually uninstalling a clustered instance of sql server is any easy task to do. It always recommended to perform any task first on non production cluster (UAT) server. 

Follow the steps by step approach to complete the task.

1. Login into passive node of the sql server cluster to uninstall the instance.

2. Run the sql server 2008 R2 installer. In Maintenance section, select “Remove node from a SQL Server Failover cluster”

Remove node from sql server failover cluster

3. It will remove all support files for that instance, click on OK.

supporting files for clustered instance

Click on next

supporting files for clustered instance

In Cluster Configuration Screen, Select instance name from drop down list and click on next.

Cluster node configuration details

In Ready to Reomve node screen, it will give you summary of configuration related to instance. click on remove.

Ready to remove node in failover cluster

It will show you progress bar on the screen after completion of wizard, it give show below screen.Completed sucessfully removal of clustered instance





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