Test cases for log shipping

Test cases for log shipping

1. We disconnected the log shipping and tried to recover the database in the minimum down time. it took 10 to 15 minute to recover depends on pending log file size.


2. We shifted the primary database on secondary server and vice versa also tested the log shipping functionality after changing the database location. This activity took max 30 minutes. (Depends on database backup size)


3. Checked how much time it takes to update the secondary database (Result – depends on t log backup size and schedule jobs time).


4. Also tried different ideas like adding secondary file to log shipping database to check whether it’s working or not (Result – you have to reconfigure log shipping with new backup)


5. We also tried some general issue in our testing plan like if we change the recovery model of log shipping database then what should be the result. (Result – Log backup fail to restore on secondary server).


6. We changed the location of database to check whether this will effects log shipping or not (Result – log shipping was working fine in this case).


If you have more case and suggestions are appreciated.

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