SQL Server – Service did not respond in a timely fashion – Start-up Parameter changed

Every time, Sql server starts it looks for master database that act as heart of sql server engine without master database, Engine will stop working.

Lets check whether sql server will come up without master database or not. So for this, we made some changes in log file location of master database using start-up parameter option of sql server service as shown below using sql server configuration manager.

For configuration changes, go to Sql server configuration manager -> Right click on sql server service -> Click properties then advanced option and change the start up parameters settings.

sql server service properties


Now add “master” before masterlog.ldf and click on OK to apply the changes.

sql server startup option

sql server restart



Click on OK to take full effect of changes. You have to restart the sql server service.  As expected, you will get an error saying the The request failed or the service did not respond in a timely fashion as shown in below.

fail to sql server service error

Here sql server is not able to read exact location of master database log. So here we are, if your master database is not available then sql server will never start.

SQL Server 2005 onwards, system objects are stored in resource database instead of master database accept user data and metadata.


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