SQL Server – MSDB System database

MSDB database

SQL Server MSDB database part of System database. The MSDB database holds SQL Server Jobs details, alerts, Database mail and service broker. SQL Server stores all backup and restore history within tables in msdb. These backup and restore history is important in case to find out old full backup and file location. All Event are logged into msdb system tables , event log and sql server error log By default msdb database in simple recovery model.


Logical name for primary file : MSDBData

Logical name for log file : MSDBLog

Physical File name : MSDBData.mdf

Log file name : MSDBLog.ldf



Some operations cannot be performed on the msdb database:

Changing collation setting for msdb database is not allowed.

The default collation is the server collation.

Msdb is system so you can not drop the system database.

Enabling change data capture not allowed.

Participating in database mirroring is not possible.

Setting the MSDB database to OFFLINE.

Setting the primary filegroup to READ_ONLY.

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