SQL Server – Move SQL Server 2000 System Databases

Move System Databases in sql server 2000

Moving all sql server system databases from new location to another location or different server, Here is step by step approach to move all system database at once
1. Update the startup parameters (i.e -d and -l ) for SQL Server with new location of mdf and ldf file.
2. Stop SQL Server
3. Copy the mdf and ldf files to new location of master database
4. Start SQL server in single user mode by adding -c, -m and -T3608 in startup parameters
5. Detach the msdb and model databases
6. Copy the mdf anf ldf file to new location
7. Attach the model database
8. Stop SQL server and remove startup parameter option added in step 4
9. Start SQL Server
10.Now attach msdb database
11. Change the file lcoation for the tempdb database by using ALTER DATABASE command
12. Delete old tempdb files from old location
These Steps will help you to move system databases to another location in SQL Server 2000.

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