SQL Server Database Migration vs Upgrade

It is very confusing sometimes what is sql server migration and upgrade. Its favorite question of many clients when you go for interviews, actually they want you to get confuse, if you don’t know about migration and upgrade. They want to find out whether you have working experience on such a scenario or not.
Let’s say you are upgrading Sql server 2008 to 2012. As you know we have 2 options for upgrading Sql server

1. In Place Upgrade

In this upgrade, you have to upgrade sql server 2008 by installing sql server 2012 on the same hardware and operating system. It is like upgrading old version of sql server with new version.

2. Side by Side Upgrade

When you want to perform side by side upgrade, you have to setup new system for sql server 2012 installation. After setup you have to move your data from old server to new server this is what we call it as migration.

In other words side by side is also known as Migration.

Also when you migrate from oracle to sql server or vice versa that process is also called as migration


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