SQL Server Error-Fix-failed to install and configure assemblies (Microsoft.sqlserver.MSMQtask.dll in the COM+)

We plan to upgrade the sql server 2005 x32 bit to x64 bit. Before starting, we wanted to uninstall the existing version of the sql server and then plan to start the installation of new sql server version in 64 bit on existing hardware. We checked all perquisites before applying new version of sql server like .net framework 3.5, windows installer 4 which was already installed on system.

So we started sql server installation setup after going through some steps of the installation wizards, we got the component error saying “failed to install and configure assemblies ….\Microsoft.sqlserver.MSMQtask.dll in the COM+”

While troubleshooting the issue,we checked the Bootstrap error log with default location is C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup Bootstrap\Log


We got some idea from the logs which was saying that version conflict or sql server already exist on the server. This means 32bit version of sql server was not removed completely, we checked the registry entries for sql server of 32 bit version using “regedit”. We took registry backup and deleted all the entries related to sql server 32 bit from the registry.

How to edit Registry entries ?

Follow the below steps to checkout registry details for sql server.

1. Type “regedit” in RUN to find the registry details for the sql server under
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\90

2. Delete the existing 32 bit versions of computer components begin installed from the target COM+ application.

• For deleting the MSMQTask COM+ components from component services.
• Click on start – programs—Administrative Tools—Components services
• Expand the Components services – My Computer—COM+ Application
• Microsoft.sqlserver.MSMQTask component.
• Right click on it and delete it.

3. Restarted the system

After deleting the COM+ component, we started sql server setup again this time it installed successfully without any error.

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