Sql server Best Practice Analyzer

Run the SQL Server Best Practice Analyzer provided by Microsoft to check whether SQL Server is working on Best Practices that are recommended by Microsoft. It is free available on Microsoft download center.

SQL Server Best Practice analyzer is use to tune database based on reports generated by best practice analyzer.

Follow the below steps to implement best practice recommended by Microsoft for sql server.

1. We downloaded SQL Server Best Practice Analyzer from Microsoft Download Center and install on the production server. (SQL Server Best Practice Analyzer)
2. Run the SQL Server Best Practice Analyzer from Program List it will display welcome screen.
3. Select the option available SQL Server Services scan (on left side corner)
4. Provide the name of the instance or ip address, you want to scan and sql login password with proper privileges. Click on next to continue.
5. Select the databases you want to analysis and click on next.
6. Select the type of scan either limited scan or detailed scan. Click on select component scan.
7. It will start scanning all selected objects from the list and give the complete list issues available in your environment.
8. Click on View a report of this SQL Server Best Practice scan.

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