SQL Server 2014 – Limitation of Memory optimized tables

Every good things has some its pros and cons, so here are some of the limitions of In-Memory optimized tables in SQL Server 2014

Limition of Memory optimized tables

Tables used in In-Memory OLTP feature of SQL Server 2014 are known as Memory optimized tables, SQL Server 2014 has some limitions for memory optimized tables

Some datatypes are not supported by memory-optimized tables

1. Datetimeoffset
2. Geography
3. Hierarchyid
4. Image
5. Ntext
6. Sql_variant
7. Text
8. Varchar(max)
9. Xml
10.User data types (UDTs).

There are a number of database features that are not supported by memory optimized tables under SQL Server 2014.

Here are some of the most important database and table limitations:

1. Database mirroring is not supported.
2. The AUTO_CLOSE database option is not supported.
3. Database snapshots are not supported.
5. Computed columns are not supported.
6. Triggers are not supported.
7. FOREIGN KEY, CHECK, and UNIQUE constraints are not supported.
8. IDENTITY columns are not supported.
9. FILESTREAM storage is not supported.
10. ROWGUIDCOL is not supported.
11. Clustered indexes are not supported.
12. Memory-optimized tables support a maximum of eight indexes.
13. COLUMNSTORE indexes are not supported.
14. ALTER TABLE is not supported. In-Memory OLTP tables must be dropped and re-created.
15. Data compression is not supported.
16. Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS) are not supported.
17. Change Data Capture (CDC) is not supported.

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