SQL Server 2008 R2 new features

Transparent Data Encryption

Encryption can be applied on database, data files or log file level without changing application code. The main benefit of TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) is securing data from unauthorized users without any application change.

Extensible Key Management

The new feature added in SQL Server 2008 is extensible key management which allows integrating of hardware devices into the encryption and decryption process for securing your data. SQL Server 2008 supports various third ? party vendors and hardware security modules to provide excellent solution compare to other product.


Main concern in real world is managing customer data in database, Sql server 2005 introduced new auditing as new feature using DDL trigger. In Sql server 2008 r2 has introduce more comprehensive data auditing to simplify the compliance issue using this we can able to answer common question like who has deleted the data ? What data has been selected?

Enhanced Database Mirroring

SQL Server 2008 has more reliable platform that supports enhanced database mirroring, allows automatic page repair and improved performance compare to sql server 2005.

Automatic Recovery of Data Pages

In SQL server 2008, suspect data pages can be recover by requesting fresh copy of the suspect page from mirroring partner. This help to resolve 823 and 824 type of errors related to data pages without any notice to end users and application.

Log Stream Compression

Database mirroring is transmitting data between principal and mirror server. In sql server 2008 transmission happens through log stream compression mode that means whatever data flow from principal to mirror, it get compressed which improve performance as well as minimizes the network bandwidth used by database.

Resource Governor

To improve the performance of sql server 2008 has introduced Resource Governor that allows you to set or define resource limit and priorities for different workloads. Resource Governor allows running concurrent workloads with consistent performance to respective end users.

Predictable Query Performance

More improve query performance due to enhanced query plan supported by sql server 2008 that makes to promote more stable query on sql server for server and production deployments.

Data Compression

SQL Server 2008 introduce data compression using that you can reduce size of your backup file, it will take less storage for your backup file. This will also improve I/O performance for the large database.


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