SQL Introduction and basics

In simple terms, SQL is standard that is use to access database and for modifying data in the database.

SQL introduction

SQL is Structured Query Language, it allows to access data inside database. SQL follows an ANSI standard (American national standards institute).

SQL lets you to communicate with database and using SQL you can

  1. Execute queries against database
  2. Insert data to table inside database
  3. Delete and modify data
  4. Create new database, table, stored procedure, views and function
  5. Assign permissions to other user to access database.

If you are building new website and want to store data in database then you can use one of the RDBMS database like SQL Server, Oracle , Mysql, MS Access and so on



RDBMS refer as Relational Database management System, data stores in RDBMS in the form table.
Table is collection of logically related data and consists of columns and rows.

RDBMS provide security and enforce constraints to avoid invalid data in tables. It is standard for modern databases like MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and DB2


SQL Basics Objects

In any RDBMS system, There are some basic objects that are common to stored data inside database. Basic database objects are listed below

  1. Table
  2. Stored Procedure
  3. View
  4. Trigger
  5. Functions
  6. Database Security

What is Table ?

Database contains one or more table, each table has rows and column and identified by tablename like CustomerOrder, CustomerDetails so on


Table with column and rows

Table with column and rows

Basic table with column and rows

In this example, Columns name are vertical order and rows are in horizontal order. Read more about how to create table

SQL Server – Create table statement and sql syntax

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