How to move cluster resources from one node to another

After sucessful configuration of Active/passive cluster in sql server 2008, first thing you have to do is check the sql service cluster failure whether its working fine as per expection or not. To do so you can use either Failover Cluster Manager or command prompt.

By using “Failover cluster manager”

  1. Click on Start -> Administrative tools -> Failover Cluster Manager
  2. Now click on Services and applications -> Right click on SQL Server ( Mssqlserver ) -> click on move this service or application to another node -> it will give avilable node of cluster(BTS2010DB02), click on the option.

Failover cluster management


3. Click on Move SQL server to BTS2010DB02.

move to second node confirmation


As expected all cluster resources should be move to another node (BTS2010DB02). Check the owner of cluster group, storage drive and sql server group. Now second node has become active node and previous active node is passive.


Now you can fail back to first node by using Command prompt in Window server 2008 R2

Click on Start à All programs à Accessoriesà Right command prompt and run as administrator

  1. Type cluster group on command prompt, it will display all cluster group, owned node and status.
  2. Run Cluster group “Group Name” /MOVETO:BTS2010DB01 to move group on other node.

Cluster Group “Cluster Group” /MOVETO:BTS2010DB01

Cluster Group “Available Storage” /MOVETO:BTS2010DB01

Cluster Group “SQl Server (MSQSQLSERVER)” /MOVETO:BTS2010DB01

move cluster group using cmd


3. Now run the Cluster group command to see whether all resources are back to first node or not.

Depends on you whether want to use first or second option.

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