How to configure MSDTC in sql server 2008

 Microsoft Distributed Transaction coordinator (MSDTC) combines different data source of client application into one transaction and maintains transaction integrity like (ACID properties) while communicating with the server.

Here, whatever request or transactions raise client application goes to resource manager asking about to manage data and work using MSDTC. In this process, Microsoft Distributed Transaction coordinator (MSDTC) takes care of ACID properties of transaction till the end.

If you are using distributed transactions or sql server is running on cluster either of the condition you have to install MSDTC. Sql server makes use of MSDTC service to handle distributed queries and two way communication.  

Configure MSDTC in Window Server 2008 R2


1.       Add DTC role in Window server 2008 R2

Go to “Server Manager”, here click on “Add role” select the DTC option from the list to add DTC (Distributed Transaction Coordinator)


2.       Make sure to allow inbounds and Outbounds in firewall for MSDTC. 

Please change the firewall setting to allow “Distributed Transaction Coordinator” for “Inbounds Rules” and Outbound Rules in Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.

 Now lets create MSDTC resource on cluster. 

1. Open the Failover Cluster Management, It will show install services as well as nodes available for cluster.

2.  Right-click on Services and Applications and select Configure a Service or Application option from the list.

3.  Select Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) in  Select Service or Application Screen, and click on next. 

How to add DTC

4. In the Client Access Point screen,  Give the different name (like BTS2010DTC) and IP address of the clustered MSDTC that are not used by Window Server 2008 cluster. Click on next.

MSDTC ip address and Client Access Point

5. Select the disk that will used by MSDTC in the Select Storage option. Click on next. Available disk should be part of the active cluster resource.

cluster disk for MSDTC


6. Validate the configuration for MSDTC in the Confirmation Screen and click on next.

7. Here completes the configuration setup for MSDTC on the cluster enviornment.

Now you can proceed with sql server 2008 R2 on cluster enviornment


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