How to add share disk in SQL Resource Group

After doing the capacity planning for the SQL Cluster Server, we decided to add the some more space on production server. Our production server is built in cluster environment with windows server 2003 and sql server 2005 cluster.

Request raise to Windows Admin team to add the physical disk of 100 GB size in cluster environment. After adding the disk request reassigned to SQLDBA team to continue with cluster, now we are able to see the disk in cluster resource group and we have to add the same in sql server resource group.

Steps involve for adding disk in sql resource

1. Open the cluster administrator
2. Click on the Cluster resource group, you see the share disk of 100 GB size.
3. Now drag and drop the disk to SQL Server Resource Group.
4. While moving the disk, it will display message, click on yes and continue.
5. Right click on SQL Resource group and click on take offline option.
6. Right click on SQL Server Resource and click on properties


sql server resource dependencies in failover cluster

7. In properties dialog box, Click on dependencies in tab
8. Click on modify to add the disk in the list.
9. It will show you the available list of the disks and SQL Server Network name. Select the disk and click to arrow to add the remove from the dependencies list.
10. Click on OK
Verify the same by using below command in sql server.
Select * from sys.dm_io_cluster_shared_drives
Note: If you add disk in sql server resource group online then it will throw error 5019 as shown below.


sql server online resource message

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