Features of SQL Server Management Studio and tools

In SQL Server 2005,  Management studio works as central management tool for accessing different components of Sql server like managing database, developing, configuring Sql server. You can also access different graphical tools associated with sql server like sql server profiler, Database Tuning Adviser (DTA) using SQL Server management studio. 

Also it provides query editor for writing script to Sql server developers and administrators.

Enterprise manager, Query analyzer and analysis manager of earlier release of sql server are combines together to introduce sql server management studio as a new feature of sql server 2005. Using Sql server management studio, you can access reporting services and integration services.

Following features of SQL Server Management Studio

1. Supports most administrative tasks for SQL Server.
2. A single integrated environment using which you can manage SQL Server Database Engine.
3. Using sql server management studio, you can manage sql server database objects, database engine, analysis, integration and reporting service.
4. You can access multiple tools together in the single environment by resizing them.
5. SQL Server management gives scheduling option that allows sql server jobs to execute at later time.
6. Exporting and importing in SQL Server Management Studio from one Management Studio environment to another.
7. Deadlock graph generated by sql server profiler that can be analysis using sql server management studio.
8. Activity monitor is added feature which gives better monitoring on sql server jobs and process with automatic refresh.
9. Database mail feature to give you sql server related alerts.

Tool Windows in SQL Server Management Studio

SQL Server Management Studio provides many tools to manage database administration as well as development phase in sql server. Generally you will find some tools are common that are used across all components of SQL Server.

Let’s go through one by one to understand the purpose of each and every tool window in Sql server environment, will with object explorer.

Object Explorer

Using Object Explorer, you can connect to Sql server instance. Provide graphical user interface to new database objects and locate them in Sql server. Also use to manage database properties, view Sql server log and to configure new features of Sql server 2005.
To access object explorer either you can use short key F8 or go to view menu, click object explorer.

Solution Explorer

The Solution explorer pane is acts as containers in SQL Server management studio for managing database scripts, database connection, files and queries related information. Multiple database project script combines together called as solution.
To access solution explorer either you can use short key ctrl+alt+L or go to view menu, click Solution explorer.

Template Explorer

As part of sql server management studio, the template explorer provides built in templates for writing queries in sql server. You can also create your own template or modify the existing template based on your requirement. To open template explorer either you can use short key ctrl+alt+T or go to view menu, click template explorer.

Dynamic Help

It will show the list of help topics related to any component of Sql sever management studio or whatever you have typed in query window.

The tools are integrated by SQL Server Management Studio to work together. For example if you want to fire select statement then you have to first connect to Sql sever instance using object explorer, after that select proper database from the list right click on it, select new query editor. Now you will able to write select query in query editor window.
Here Object explorer and Query editor windows are works together.

More information related sql server tools refer this link http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=20807#filelist


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