Change SQL Server Agent Service Account start-up type to Automatic

SQL Server Agent

SQL Server Agent helps to perform various administrative tasks such as responding to predefined events, assisting in the automation of routine tasks, and processing alerts.

Steps to change the start-up type of SQL Server Agent.

SQL Server Configuration manager will help you to change the start-up type of SQL Server Agent to automatic.To do this, you have to change the properties of sql server agent service using SQL Server Configuration manager.

  1. Open the SQL Server Configuration

open sql server configuration manager

2. Select SQL Server services

sql server service accounts

3. Right click SQL Server Agent and click on properties

change the sql server service account5. In SQL Server Agent dialog box, you can change the start-up type by following below steps

Click on service tab -> Select the Start mode as Automatic from drop down list ->Click on OK

change the sql server agent service account to automatic

Sql server Agent is made up of four basic components, which are used to define tasks, events, and define the users who will respond to events and alerts.


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