Add disk to sql server cluster

As sql dba, you have to take care of cluster resources and perform task like adding new disk in the cluster environment, putting resources offline and bring back online after maintenance. Our production server is running on failover cluster sql server 2005. As the instance was running out of space, we got a request to add new disk on cluster server. As per process, disk need to be added in cluster group and to make new added disk visible to sql server, we have to add that disk in the dependencies of sql server. You need a outage for this activity as sql server will go offline while adding resource to sql server group.

You have to go step by step to add the resource to sql server cluster group then add as dependencies to sql services.

Adding New Disk as Cluster Resource:

  • Go to Cluster Administrator.
  • Click on SQL Server Group, you will see sql services in left pane.
  • Right click in left pane and select New.
  • Click on Resource.
  • Give it a Name as Disk M(Any name ).
  • Select Resource Type as Physical Disk.
  • Click on Next.
  • Select the possible owners for the resource, If you are using two node cluster both nodes get added automatically.
  • Click  on Next.
  • Adding dependencies is optional for physical disk, dependencies means which resource should be brought online before Disk M,  it comes only if you are using any mount point for disk then it should be added in dependencies list, click on Next.
  • Select the new Physical Disk from the Drop Down list.
  • Click on Finish.

Now disk is successfully added as cluster resource but it is not accessible to sql server until and unless added as dependencies for sql server.

Steps for adding New Disk M as Dependencies to SQL Server:

  • Go to Cluster Administrator on Active Node.
  • Go to SQL Server Group.
  • Right Click on SQL Server in left pane and select Take Offline to sql server offline.cluster administrator in sql server 2005
  • Right Click on SQL Server, select Properties.
  • sql server dependencies list
  • Select “Dependencies” as shown above.
    • Click on Modify.
    • Select the New Disk Resource.
    • Click on OK on both windows.
  •  Right Click on SQL Server, select Bring Online.


As sql server services are brought online, now try to create test database on newly added disk. If it allows sql server to create database that means you have successfully added new disk to  sql server cluster.

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